How do Slipfrees fit?

One of the many beauties about Slipfree Austrlia shoes are the size options span 2 sizes as they are made from a flexible fabric and accommodate growth of up to 2 sizes. Please view our Size Guide and if you are still unsure, we would recommend choosing the size below if you are in-between sizes. 

I have a wide foot, will mySlipfrees fit well?

The stretchy, flexible material will accommodate feet of all dimesions. We have numerous wide-footed customers who are very happy with the fit.  Check out some of the Reviews.

How do I clean mySlipfrees?

It is recommend to wash your Slipfrees in warm water with mild soap or using a gentle machine wash cycle.  Please air dry inside out. 

I wish I had ordered a different style. Can I exchange for a different design?

With so many great designs to choose from, we understand your predicament. Please visit our Returns & Refunds policy and drop us an email at

I have seen a design in the children’s section I would love to buy in adult’s size. Would this be possible?

We don't currently have every design in adult’s sizes so we chose a few designs we felt adults would like the best. However, please contact us or email at if you would like to discuss further. 

I bought some Slipfree shoes in a store. How can I return them?

You will need to contact the store you bought them from to ask about their return policy as we are unable to accept returns for shoes not ordered via our website.