Breathe. Stretch. Move. 

Wear Anywhere. 

Fit Grip Shoes are made of soft, flexible, durable fabric with a thick sole and comfortable insert allowing you to be comfortable and to look great.  Wear Fit Grip Active Shoes for any activity, indoors or outdoors, home or gym.

Fit Grip Shoes

  • Are made of stretchy, breathable, durable soft flexible material that hugs the foot 
  • Fabric dries quickly so perfect for wet areas
  • Reinforced Toe
  • Non-Slip Sole, thick enough to protect feet from dirty floors, stones, pointy rocks, hot sand and surfaces but flexible enough to mould to your feet.

Perfect for indoors – home, office, hotels, dance, aeroplanes, trains, buses

Perfect for outdoors – walking, gardening, holidays, cycling, hiking, beach, pools

Perfect for exercise – yoga, low impact exercise, walking

*Please check sizing chart to ensure you purchase the correct size.